Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ava Update

Our sweet Ava Rae just turned three! 
This little one is FULL of spunk! She keeps us laughing! :)

Fun facts about this little love:

-She goes to our church preschool two days a week and loves it! It was her first year going somewhere outside of our home, so it took some adjusting... but once she got the hang of it, she was fine. Mrs. Carrie, her teacher, is so fun and is a great match for her! She also goes to "Keke's" house two days a week. This worked out so well for us and we love Mrs. Chrissy. She loves Ava while Mama works... and we couldn't be more thankful. :)

-Ava gets to spend Fridays with Daddy and Aubrey (and sometimes Mommy). Since Eric is off on Fridays, he keeps the two young girls. This helped Ava bond with him more before Aubrey arrive... a huge blessing! :)

-Ava loves pretend play! Kitchen, house, school... anything! In the picture above, she told me that I could work in the playroom while she read me some books. :)

-She wants to be just like her big sister! We couldn't think of a better role model... Ava loves to play what Addie is playing, say things that Addie says, do things that Addie likes to do. It is really sweet to watch and, most of the time, Addie is pretty patient with her. :)

-Ava marches to the beat of her own drum. When I say this, I simply mean that the girl is strong-willed. :) I'm hoping and praying that one day this trait does more for her than drive her parents crazy. ha :)

-While she may be a bit headstrong, the girl still loves... and she loves BIG! She's affectionate, caring, and has come to really love babies! She takes her role as Big Sister very seriously... and sometimes passes that leadership role into other parts of her life. ha :) She's learning to balance everything, but for a new 3 year old, she's doing a pretty fantastic job!

Some of her other favorite things:
Paw Patrol (specifically Chase)
cucumbers and ranch
chicken nuggets
cheese pizza
cooked carrots
mac and cheese (the cheap kind :)
"marshmallow" cereal (Fruit Loops or Lucky Charms)
baby dolls (anything to do with them!)
reading books to her "class"
play doh
pretending to write
watching "Neckliss" (Netflix)
Disney princesses
Doc McStuffins
Minnie Mouse
riding her scooter
falling asleep with Mama
playing dress up
any kind of music
singing last year's VBS songs :)
watching "bideos" on Mommy's phone
playing the iPad or Kindle Fire

Oh, my little doll...
You make our world so much more fun! Your smile, laugh, and infectious personality are all one of a kind! We love you big!
Mama and Daddy

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