Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Here she is :)

Here is our sweet baby girl, Adelyn Noelle Jackson! We had our ultrasound today, and it was so much fun! Addie was moving all around, so they didn't get all of the pictures they wanted. That just means we get to go back in a few weeks to take more pics! Yay! The doctor said it is nothing to be alarmed about, but since she was so active, it was just not easy to get pictures of the heart and the spine... which apparently they have to get. I'm excited to have more pics of her! :)

Everything looked great, though... 10 fingers, 10 toes... we even got to see the blood flowing! Technology is just amazing!

Thanks for all of the prayers and sweet thoughts... we are so blessed to have such a great family and sweet friends. Keep those prayers coming!

*If you're wondering where we came up with the name... we've always liked Addie, and we debated between Adelyn and Addison. We chose Adelyn since it's a little more girly and a little different. We chose Noelle for two reasons... I'm named after my grandmother, so Addie will be named after her grandmother, my mother (Nollene) and me, too (the "elle" in Noelle :).

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Rachel @ Moments With My Miracles said...

Congrats! Baby girls are SO MUCH FUN! Love the name you picked out too!