Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finishing touches and a smiling girl :)

Today, we added a little something to Addie's nursery that, in my opinion, completes it. :)  I got the idea from my college buddy, Mandi, who has a beautiful preemie named Mackenzie (you can check out her blog here).

I loved this saying that I saw on Kenzie's nursery wall so much that I decided that it needed to be on Addie's. :)  I absolutely love how it looks!  Matt Darden from Darden's Decal Designs came up with the design and installed it today!  He does awesome work, and you can check out his website here. :)

Just so you know, Mandi and I hadn't seen or even talked to each other in years... but God has used our stories to bring us back in touch, and she's been such an encouragement to me with all we've gone through with Addie.  We have both been blessed with beautiful baby girls... our paths were just a little different than the paths of most mommies. :)  Although the road has been long and we know there are obstacles we'll have to cross in the future, I'm pretty sure she would agree with me when I say that we can't imagine it any other way. :)

When you see a smile like this, it makes everything worth it. :)


Mandi Fisher said...


I love the design!! A little jealous too I might add....it is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Thanks for such sweet words - you always make me cry.

Miss you girl and hope all is well with Miss Addie!

Kelly Grant said...

Oh what a great idea!