Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rub a dub dub... my baby loves the tub :)

Addie's new favorite time of the day is bath time!  She loves it!  She actually cries when we take her out now... it is so sweet to watch her relax each night before bedtime.  We've settled into a pretty good routine each night.  She's ready for bed after her bath.  I'm not going to tell you how well she's been sleeping in fear that it might end soon. :) ha  I'm kidding... we are so thankful that she's been sleeping so well lately!  After weeks of tummy troubles, Addie has been sleeping soundly for at least 7 hours straight each night!  Praise. The. Lord! :)  At first, we thought it was a one time thing, but she's done it each night for nearly a week!  I know it may not last forever, so for now we are thankful for each night she sleeps this well! :)

Here are a couple of pictures of the little bathing beauty:

Sweet thing... so relaxed.

Check out that belly!  We worked hard for that thing!

Pretty content while waiting for her bottle :)

Love those lips!


Unknown said...

I love these pics of your sweet baby girl!!!

April said...


Janelle said...

Love your pics!! I am totally jealous of your 7 hour nights!!!