Sunday, May 9, 2010

To Addie :)

One of the greatest joys in my life is you!  I cannot tell you how amazing it is to be your Mama!  I dreamed of the day that I would get to meet my first child, and from the moment I saw little, tiny you, I have been in love! 

I love how you love me and need me.  I love how you turn your eyes toward my voice when you hear me come into the room.  I love how you snuggle right up under my chin--like that space was made just for you.  I love how your sweet breath smells.  I love how your hair smells after a bath.  I love rushing home from work to hold you and smell you and hug you. I love how you fit just perfectly on my lap.  I love how sometimes the most comfortable place for you is on my chest listening to my heartbeat. 

I can't wait for all of the things we will get to do together... watching cartoons, playing in my classroom, going to movies, painting our nails, playing dress-up, dancing. I can't wait to teach you all of the things I want you to know... how to love Jesus, how to be a friend, how to serve others, what it means to love, how wonderful your family is.  I am so excited to see you grow and become a beautiful young lady!  ...let's just not do all of those things just yet, though.  I'm kinda enjoying holding you in my arms right now. :)

Thank you for showing me what it means to be selfless and to love unconditionally!  I am amazed each day by you... you are my world, precious girl. 

I love you!


Nonna said...

And...I am amazed each day with you, my beautiful daughter! I thank God continually for the tremendous blessing you are to me...and for the awesome blessing that you are to that beautiful, little blue-eyed doll! What a fabulous Mommy you are! I absolutely love this pic, and I love you bunches! You are amazing! Happy, Happy Mother's Day! :)

Nonna said...

Oh...and I love the gorgeous, new pics on the blog! They are absolutely beautiful! :)