Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Bunny

Today was our first snow day, and we enjoyed the day with Addie, for sure! :)  The roads were icy and snow-covered, so we stayed bundled up inside and got some chores done and watched lots of Christmas movies.  Thank you, ABC Family. :)

This morning, we went out to see how Addie would react to the snow, but the sun was so bright that she had a hard time with it... we managed a few cute pics, though.

 Hmm... what is this stuff?

 Snuggling with Mama...

 ...and Daddy :)

Later this afternoon, we decided to try it again.  She was much happier without the bright glare from the sun.  We tried to get her to touch the snow, but she preferred to just sit there and look precious. :)  Fine by me.


 Check out my growing teeth! :) Um, and don't accidentally let me grab hold of your finger.  I will hurt you.

Happy Snow Day, everyone!  Here's hoping for more fun snow days soon!

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Kelly Grant said...

YAY SNOW DAYS!!! Hope yal get more!