Friday, December 24, 2010

What a blessing!

When we were in the NICU, a family donated books to the patients that were there.  We were lucky enough to get one of those books, and on the inside, it had a tag that showed it was in honor of another child who had "graduated" from the NICU earlier that year.  Immediately, I knew I wanted to do this for families one day in honor of our miracle baby, Addie.

Let me back track and say this... the day after Addie was born, my meds had finally started to wear off from the four previous days, and I was coming to grips with what was happening.  I remember contemplating and wondering if my baby would survive.  That is a feeling that no one wants to have.  I had gone from pregnancy heaven to a living hell in a matter of days.  Seriously. As I slowly walked through the NICU to Addie's bedside, I distinctly remember the shadow boxes that were on display on the walls that showed babies who were born at 24 weeks, 26 weeks, 28 weeks... but it also showed them years later.  They were happy, healthy, and beautiful!  Those pictures made me realize that this was not the end.  This was not a tragedy.  This was not time for me to have a pity party.  I remember God showing me that this would indeed be our little family's finest hour.  He had a plan for my sweet baby who was attached to beeping monitors, struggling to learn how to breathe in the little Giraffe (incubator).  It was my job to step up, be strong, and show her that I was her Mama.  Eric and I both had incredibly strong parents, and now it was our turn.

Ok, back to the fun stuff. :) Thankfully, my Mama has a memory like a steel trap, and she helped us put the plans in motion a few months ago. :)  We raised money to buy 61 books for NICU patients!  That is awesome!  We are so thankful to our family and friends who donated so we could use this project to encourage families who are spending their first Christmases with their babies in the NICU.  We wanted to show them exactly what those shadow boxes showed us.  There is hope. :)

Eric, Addie, and I traveled back to Baptist this past Wednesday to play Santa. :)  I must say that the drive was pretty hard... so many memories, sights, and smells flooded us.  The only thing that made it okay was looking in the backseat and seeing my baby there.  In the car.  With us. :)  Anyway, we made sure to go on a day that Carly was working.  We were so happy to see her!

 We love Nurse Carly!

 Daddy and Addie getting ready to deliver!

 Sweet girl and her Mama!  To say I'm enjoying my holiday vacation with this baby is an understatement. :)

 Needless to say, Addie loved the attention she got as we walked through the NICU!  She can work a crowd!  I know it was an encouragement to the Mommies we saw... to see where Addie is today.  I remember seeing babies when we were there and hearing stories and thinking, "Ok.  Addie can do this.  We can do this." :)

 Dr. Rojas!  Now, I know he takes care of a gazillion babies, but he really makes you feel like he remembers you and your story.  We have never felt like Addie was "just another baby."  That is one of our favorite things about him. :)

 Nurse Leanne... she was the day shift Charge Nurse when we were there.  She is a hoot!  We could always count on her to make us smile!

I love this picture! :)  It has been ordered to be framed at our house... and at your house, too, Carly! :)

As you can see, it was a lot of fun for us to do this as a family!  We will go back around her 1st birthday (next month... eek!) and deliver the rest of the books.  This will definitely be an annual tradition, so if you would like to help out next time, let me know! :)  You'd be surprised how such a small gesture can make the day of a parent whose baby is fighting for his or her life. :)

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Kelly Grant said...

Yall are an amazing family!!!!! And I cannot believe shes ALMOST ONE!!! AHHHH!!!!