Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy 15 months, Addie! :)

Yeah, yeah... I'm a slacker. I swear, it just seems like life gets busier and busier as the months pass. Just when I think, "Oh, after this is over, I'll have a little free time," something else makes its way onto our schedule! Is it always going to be that way? I'm guessing so... but ya know what? I am at least thankful that I share it with Eric and this little beauty:

Here are Addie's 15 month stats:
Weight: 18 pounds!
Height: 29 inches
Diapers: size 3
Clothes: pretty much all 9 month clothes... some 6 month stuff still fits fine :)
Shoe size: between a 2 and a 3... searching for some shoes that will fit! We need a  2 1/2!
Food: Non-stop eating! Breakfast is usually a piece of cinnamon-sugar toast, a meat, and a fruit. Lunch is a meat, some kind of veggies, and some kind of bread/sandwich. Dinner is a veggie and some kind of bread/sandwich. She also has snacks and milk throughout the day. Her favorites these days are grilled cheese sandwiches, hot dogs, PB&J sandwiches, graham crackers, cinnamon-sugar toast, carrots, corn, peas, apple cinnamon cereal bars, fruit strips... the list goes on and on. She's just getting started with real fruit. For some reason, she hasn't been too fond of them yet, so we've continued baby food fruits. Hopefully, we'll turn the corner soon and she'll be on all table foods. :)

At Addie's 15 month check up when we were waiting on the doctor to come in, I was texting her weight to our families.  Dr. Huss came in and asked what I was doing and I explained that we updated our families during Addie's hospital stay, and everyone is just used to knowing how her doctor appointments go... so we save them the trouble and text as soon as we know. :)  He then asked if I wanted to take a picture of this chart to send. Yep. After 15 months, Addie is FINALLY on the charts for her weight! Woot!  Granted, it's only the 1st percentile, but we'll take it! Never in a million years did I imagine I'd have such a tiny child. Let's face it. I'm not small. I've never been small. I'll never be small. I'm totally cool with it, but I always just assumed that my child would follow suit. Addie proved me wrong. :) Love that little girl.

Addie has this look on her face a lot lately! :) She is into EVERYTHING! She always double checks to make sure we are nearby. Here she is pulling things out of the tray on the ottoman... this is a daily routine for her. Recently, Daddy emptied that tray. Not nearly as fun. No worries though... she just moves back to the baskets under the TV. Or my purse. Or her diaper bag. Or the clothes from her cabinet in her room. She'll always find something to "empty" for us. :)

Praise the Lord that we finally found the antibiotic to cure Addie's ear infection. She had to try four different ones before we found THE one! God bless that stuff. She never was really fussy, but she just wasn't herself. She was stuffy all the time, but once we tried the last medicine, we noticed a difference after just a couple of doses. Hallelujah! We are so thankful!

Bathtime... the best time! We have so much fun! She hears the water running and comes scooting around the corner to the bathroom! You can just hear her little giggle as she realizes that it's time to play in the water! I love that she loves it, and I can't wait to see how she reacts to the pool this summer!

Oh, and she loves bubble baths. :)

...and toys. She's quite the hoarder. All of those little guys stay in her little toy holder, and if I try to be sneaky and not pour them out in the tub, she reaches for them until I dump them out for her. Whatever. If it takes tea pots, cups, and squirty animals to make her happy in the tub, so be it. :)

Addie LOVES to be outside! She just sits and picks "flowers" and scoots around in the grass. Warren and Eric spent quite a few nights building our swing set, and she loved being out there watching them... and that hat? It's the best. She keeps it on like it's no biggie. That chin strap is a lifesaver! I bought one in every color! I've gotta protect her sweet, pale skin! :)

Here she is on her swing! Granny gave her the swing for Christmas, and Warren and Eric built the set to hold it. The set also holds a swing for us and another for Abbie when she comes to visit... or for any other kids that may come. It looks so nice in our back yard! I love it and can't wait to spend a lot of time out there this summer! :)

Here's Addie riding with her Daddy on the lawnmower. He was mowing one afternoon when we got home, and she was so excited to "drive" with him! Precious! :)

Biggest downer this month? Stomach bug. Blech. Poor, pitiful thing... she was sick from a Friday to the following Wednesday. It just sucked the life out of her. She spent the majority of the time laying with us. While we enjoyed the cuddle time, seeing our baby sick was pretty darn difficult. We are so thankful that it was just a bug, and now the sweet thing is back to her fun-loving self! :)

See? :)

Holy hair, Batman!
Addie's hair is finally starting to really grow! ...and she has curls! Craziness! I promise she's not crying in this picture... she's reaching for her bottle. :) 

This month was also the month for the March of Dimes walk! I'll do a full post later, but here is a picture of Team JAC! We had around 40 people walking with us in honor of our miracles Johannah, Addie, and Cooper. This picture was taken at the end, and a few of our walkers had already gone home. We set a goal to raise $500, and we ended up raising $1290! Simply amazing. People are so supportive of this cause that is precious to us. We can not say "thank you" enough to those who donated and walked with us in our fight for healthy babies!

Addie is such a sweet baby... I know all moms say that, but I swear, this is the most amazing baby! After all we went through when she was born, it is so amazing to watch her just love life each and every day! She is always looking around her, soaking up everything! I so wish that I could hear what is going on in her little mind! She is very personable and loves going places with us! Today we went to see the Easter Bunny (pics to come later), and she had the best time! She stayed in her stroller while Eric and I shopped... she just waved and smiles at people we passed like she'd known them for years! What a blessing and a ray of sunshine she is. Okay, that was cheesy, but it's true. :)

Happy 15 months, Munchkin!
We love you and all of your 18 pounds that we've worked so hard for... you are our world and we love seeing your smile each morning! Thank you for loving us and thank GOD for letting us love you! :)
Mama and Daddy

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Kelly Grant said...

SHE IS SO BIG!!!! I love reading your posts because she is such a sweet little miracle and SOOOO joyous...course she learns her joy from her parents :)