Saturday, April 30, 2011

More Easter Goodness

Here is my sweetie checking our her loot. She got a basket from the Easter Bunny and a basket from each of her sets of grandparents! This girl isn't spoiled. Not at all. :)

All of those toys and Addie was most excited for the puffs! That's my girl!

She is so much fun! The little dress was loaned to us by a friend of mine who has two little girls. I just loved it and it fit perfectly! Thanks, Amanda! :) The bunny she's holding in the top picture was one of mine when I was little... I used to collect rabbits (back in the days when collections were "cool!" ha :) My Mama is so sweet to send one to Addie each year. I also have a little doll that has red hair and a bunny costume on... I'll have to show it to A and get a pic soon. It's such a cute one that I vividly remember having when I was younger.

This is pretty amazing. :) That little bunny was mine, too. I can hardly remember Addie being so tiny last year at this time... and she was so still. ha :)  I miss that teeny-tiny thing! Knowing that she will never be that small again makes me a little weepy. Oh well... I'll have to focus on how beautiful and healthy she is instead, right? :)

This is Addie at Eric's family's Easter egg hunt. She was fascinated by the eggs! This little dress was given to her by Eric's Papa last Christmas. It finally fits! I was so excited!

This is the best I could get from her. She didn't have time to smile. She was busy. :)

She did have time to smooch with her cousin, Knox. :) I love this and I'm certain we'll use this to our advantage one day. :)

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Kelly Grant said...

Oh that last picture is priceless!!