Saturday, December 27, 2008

Take Two: On the Golf Course

These were taken on the golf course at Gulf Hills where we stayed. It was a beautiful day for pictures... you can't see exactly how hot it was outisde. :) We were quite toasty, but it was worth it! :)

This is when we saw each other for the first time. :)

This one is fun! We were having fun laughing at how hot it was... I still couldn't believe it was my wedding day!

This is not an easy task when you're in a form-fitting dress that is glued to you because of the sweat. :) I was really worried I was going to tip over and fall!

We had to sneak onto the green in between groups of people playing. Some people were happy for us... others wanted us to get off of the course. Meanies.

The classic "inside the veil" pose... :)

... a little help from my man :)

...and finally, my favorite picture! This is the one we are ordering as our portrait! :)


Patient and Persistent said...

Johnell, these are all SO beautiful! What a fabulous day!!!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love every single one of these pics of you and your prince charming! You are so, so beautiful...and on your wedding day, I'll always remember how truly radiant you were! I love you, Mrs. Jackson!! :)

Karen said...

These are fabulous pictures! You are just glowing.