Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Decorate the Tree :)

Things worked out for Trae, Amber, and Abbie to stay another night in MS when we were there for Thanksgiving (bad weather has its perks!), so we started putting up Christmas decorations at my parents' house. When my dad was putting up the tree, Abbie came into the den and said, "Papa, I help you with your tree, okay? You need some oh-naments on it. I help you." :) Naturally, he let her. :)

Girl was concentrating! I must have taken twenty pictures of her. She was having nothing to do with posing for a picture. :)

I love this... it's as if she's saying, "Talk to the hand, Aunt Johnnie." :)

This is the only time she looked right at me. My brother said, "Hey, Abbie! Aunt Johnnie has a monkey on her head!" She turned right around to check. :)

Whatever works, right??

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Nonna said...

Precious girl! She was intent...and quite the decorator! :)