Sunday, March 29, 2009

80 years... :)

We had a wonderful time celebrating Daddy Bob's birthday in Birmingham this past weekend. We stayed at an amazing resort... turns out that our suite had water damage from the night before, so we were upgraded to the "Governor's Suite." Stinks, huh? We were thankfully able to manage... :)
We ate dinner at one of my favorite seafood restaurants, Landry's. The one on the coast has been gone since Katrina, so we enjoyed eating there again!

Yum! Even the sign confirms the great seafood... and feel free to join their email club. :)

The fam outside of the restaurant... we're cute. :)

Four generations :)

The hosts of the weekend, my sweet Mama and Daddy

Ab, Trae, Mama, and Daddy

My sweetheart and me... we finally remembered to take a picture together! :)Here's Daddy Bob with his favorite granddaughter and favorite grandson-in-law... :)

Then it was back to the suite for the party! Here's Ab, Amber, and Trae with the birthday boy... notice Abbie's birthday visor. She wanted us to have "party hats" and we found these at the dollar store... they were perfect! :)

See? :)

No, we didn't have 80 candles... just the 8 and the 0. :)

Testing the icing...

Kisses for the "birshday boy!" Sweetest moment of the night...

We LOVED the birthday card for Daddy Bob! It played "Celebration!" We heard it... oh, about 100 times this night. :)

We danced to it... a lot.

Daddy Bob even cut a rug! :)

We clapped, too! :)

Don't be jealous of our hats. Eric put a deer on his... just plain mean.

It was a fun night for sure! :)

My Mama is the best party planner! :)

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Nonna said...

The weekend was such an awesome family time! I just love your blog and all the great pictures! These are memories I'll always treasure! :)