Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our Little Fish

This past weekend in Birmingham, Ab got to enjoy the indoor pool in our hotel. She was SO excited to swim! She even said, "I'm excited!" in the elevator on the way to the pool... she was too cute! :) Here are a few pictures I got of her:

Here she is getting used to the water... she was not camera shy at all! I love this expression on her face! :)

Piggy back ride with Daddy :)

While she was out of the pool getting her noodle, she noticed a little pool... a.k.a. the hot tub. :)

Turns out that she's a huge fan! :)

Naturally, she had to get the noodles for the "hot pool."

They worked quite well there, too! :)

Then it was back to the big pool!

...talking with Daddy...

They had a great afternoon in the pool! :)

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Nonna said...

It was fun to see Abbie in the water again...and lovin' it so! You got such great pics! I love 'em! :)