Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby Avery :)

I had the pleasure of taking some pictures of our new niece, Avery (actually, she's Eric's second cousin, but the kids all call us Aunts and Uncles... so we're going with niece. :)... she's a little miracle, folks.  

..aaaand she's precious.  How adorable are those chins?? :)

Sleepy baby. :)

"For this child I have prayed..."
No words are more true. :)

I love her scrunchy, newborn-ness in this picture!  She was a wittle hungry and squirmy, but she still took some sweet photos!

I have some other ideas we're going to try soon!  Avery is such a fun (and beautiful) little subject for me to photograph! :)  Love her.

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Kelly Grant said...

Wow, she is a cutie! Great pictures too.

Oh and love the new blog layout!