Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lexi's Coming Home Party

Lexi has been home for two weeks now, but I had to make myself blog about her party today before I forgot... it was planned by her big sister, Abbie.  Let me just tell you... it was precious. :)

 First, there were the decorations.  Abbie taped the streamers all over the house... each one was in its "just right" place. :)

Abbie stopped to decorate her party hat to look like a princess hat!  Creative? Yes. :)  This little girl has got such an awesome imagination!

 Then it was time to help Nonna bake cupcakes!

 When they were finished, it was finally time to decorate them!

Guess who was in charge of the sprinkles? :)

 Then Abbie decorated the sign for the mantle!  Nana helped her spell "Welcome Home Lexi!"  Then, Abbie added a few other letters for "decoration." :)  When she was finished, she said, "What did I spell?" Hmm...

She did add this to the bottom... Abbie Loves Lexi.  Precious. :)

We put the sign in the yard and waited for Lexi to come home!

The table was set!

Finally, the guest of honor arrived!  The party could begin!

Can't have a party without party games, right? :)

Best line of the party... when playing Candy Land, Trae was ahead so Abbie went over to him and whispered in his ear, "Daddy, how about if you win, I can win with you?!"  ha He said no, so when Nonna pulled ahead, she asked Nonna the same thing. :)

I'm pretty sure everyone won that game. :)
Great party, Abbie!

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