Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sunshine for your Saturday :)

These days it's a little harder to get pictures of Addie. If her eyes are open, she's on the move.  All. The. Time. She plays hard and sleeps harder.  That sleep part is fantastic, by the way... :)

Anyway, here are a few that we've gotten lately.
 Bathing Beauty :)

 This one is blurry, but I love the expression on her face! She was in the process of trying to crawl over me. Apparently, that is hilarious. :)

Here's the grin we see every day... crooked bottom teeth and all. :)


Kelly Grant said...

She is so sweet!!! Addison's teeth are crooked too, but they have straightened up over time.

And crawling over mommy and daddy is the best game of course!

Beyond Blessed said...

I love your blog and your little miracle is just precious! I am the mother of two beautiful girls by adoption and my first little one was 8 1/2 weeks early 2lbs. 3 oz. and sadly drug induced...we spent 6 weeks in the NICU with her, she is a little fighter and battles seizures daily and autism. She will be 4 in July...but we just had our most JOYFUL moment yet a month ago...she is WALKING...miracles happen everyday and she and her sister are our greatest treasures!!! I look forward to continuing to read about your little miracle...for she is divine!

~Many Blessings, sweet sister.