Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Big 2-8! :)

(I love being called "Aunt Johnnie!" It's the best when Ab says it... such a sweet accent... "Hey, AntJawnie!" All one word... I need to get it on tape...)

First of all, no comments from the peanut gallery about the title of this blog. :) I don't think I'm "old" nor do I feel "old." Honestly, I'm looking forward to the next year of my life. The past year of my life was by far the most amazing, and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for this year!

Ok, my birthday (January 13) was so much fun! School was great... lots of goodies and cards... and, of course, letting my class do things we wouldn't normally do, simply because "it's my birthday!" My students are a blast to be around, so they helped make my day great! That evening, Eric and I went to eat at my favorite restaurant, Pancho's. Here are some pics from our dinner:

Lots of things to notice about this one.
#1: The enormous amount of food on the plate. Having just started Weight Watchers the week before, I obviously felt the need to "celebrate" this night since, you guessed it, "it's my birthday!" Rest assured I didn't come close to finishing this plate.
#2: Margaritas on the rocks with extra salt make the world a better place for me and those around me.
#3: I wore the sombrero even though I'm not a fan of people singing to me in public places. Thanks, honey. :)

Oh... and the sombrero, despite it's massive circumference, did not even come close to fitting my head. Shocker, I know. The men who serenaded me tried two or three times to get it to fit. Poor things... they didn't know what they were dealing with here.

Apparently I got over the whole sombrero thing. Mr. Margarita saves the day! :)

When we got home, we had a birthday celebration, complete with cake, candles, and presents!

Mama and Abbie had picked this cake and these groovy candles out for me the weekend before my birthday! It was DEE-licious! :) ...and might I add that I am quite the fan of tall skinny birthday candles! Who knew?

Here's a picture of me with my loot from my parents--complete with the cheerleader head tilt for some bizarre reason! I would point out a favorite, but I don't have just one... I really loved everything they gave me! :) Thanks so much, Mama and Daddy!

These beautiful flowers were a gift from my hubby! I love that since he couldn't decide on roses or daisies, he just got both of them! :) What a sweet man...

My new diamond studs were also a gift from my hubby.
He spoils me! :)

...AND he got me a new watch (don't know why it's black and white... I guess it helps my freckles look not quite as "frecklish")!

This was a sticker that was in the card from my sweet niece... I love being an aunt! :)

Needless to say, it was such a wonderful day! I am one lucky girl!


Nonna said...

It was great being there to get your birthday week started! And...that wonderful husband of yours definitely made sure your b'day was perfect! The skinny candles were cute, but that writing was pretty pitiful! Sorry about that!
Enjoy every's gonna be a wonderful year! Love you and love the pics :)

Corrie, Joe, & Macie said...

happy (belated) b-day johnell:)...looks like you got some good loot. hope you are doing well!