Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Before Christmas

So, I have realized my posts are out of order, but I'll try to do better next time. :) This one is from the weekend before Christmas. Ab came to stay with us, so she got to come to Mrs. Pam and Warren's house on Saturday night for Christmas dinner. Other than me being sick, we had a great weekend! :)

Abbie loved dancing to Christmas music in our living room! This picture says it all! :)

She can also catch some air! Eric jumped over her, so she decided to jump over Smoky! :)

Now, I didn't get a ton of pictures that night at Pam and Warren's because I just wasn't feeling well... but I did hit the jackpot with these! Mrs. Pam is rocking out on Guitar Hero, and Warren is her groupie! I promise I'm not flipping Warren the bird. :)

Mary and Kyle :)

Last but not least, Toya jammin' on Guitar Hero! Eric thinks she looks a lot like Jimi Hendrix...

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Nonna said...

Ahhhh....Ab's pic does say it all! I love it! Don't you wish we could all be as care free as a two-year old?! :)