Thursday, January 22, 2009


Since we got married this past summer, we decided to wait to take our honeymoon later... once we could save up a little more money to take a big trip we really wanted to take! Well, as we checked into prices, we discovered that waiting until the summer is the best bet, so we are going to go to Mexico this summer! Yay! We can't wait! :)

Sooo.... since that is still 5 months away, we took a "mini-honeymoon" over our Christmas Break! We rented a cabin right outside of Gatlinburg for three nights, and we had a great time! We drove there on New Year's Day and stayed through the weekend. We relaxed, did some shopping, and even became addicted to crossword puzzles! :) It was such an awesome getaway! The picture above shows the lights as you enter Gatlinburg. :)

Here is a picture of our cabin. It was called "Merry Weather." Seriously, if anyone needs info about cabins in this area, let us know! We booked with this company last year, too, and we are always impressed! :)

The view from our cabin... it was beautiful even though it was very wintry the whole time! :)

I love my husband! :)

This is for Mary. :)

...and this is for Julie. :)


Corrie, Joe, & Macie said...

So fun Johnell...and you look beautiful! We were wanting to go to G-burg in February or March, I'll have to get that info. from you.

Nonna said...

I had a honeymoon in Gatlinburg; yours was just a mini-honeymoon! Now think about that! Have times changed or what?! I love this picture of you and Eric! So happy that y'all had this romantic, cabin get-away! But...the Zoder Inn is still tops on my list! :)