Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our First Married Christmas :)

We had an amazing (and busy!) holiday season! I can't believe how much God has blessed this life of ours... family time, friends, and especially time with my husband really made me appreciate everything that I have! ...and although we had practically every minute of the month of December planned, we loved every minute! :)

Here's our first married Christmas tree! I didn't want to take it down! To be honest, it didn't come down until the weekend before my birthday. :)

This is my attempt to decorate... it took us a while to decide how we wanted to decorate. We have a lot of new ideas for Christmas 2009! :)

That's all for now! I am way behind on my blogging and pictures, but I'll have some time this weekend! :) Happy 2009!


Nicole @ Four Real said...

So sweet! I remember my first married Christmas! We bought so many presents for each other you would have thought we had four kids already in the house! :) Your treee is beautiful! Hope you are doing well!

Nonna said...

You and Eric will be reminded of these wonderful memories of your first Christmas together again and again as the years go by!
I loved the tree and decorations! They were beautiful!! :)