Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Home Sweet Home

There is no place like home. :) While my Mama and Daddy's house in the Sip will always be my home, our house in Tennessee has certainly done well to fill those shoes. I will have to take pictures of the inside of our house, too. I swear we do work in there, too. You know I sweat like a man, so I can only work outside for so long... no matter how much I love it! :)
This is our cute little mailbox. :) I love going out each day to see what flowers have decided to bloom!

This is just the first picture of our garden behind the house. There are some summer bulbs under there that should come out soon. There are also some new calla lilies that are starting to come out... they'll be growing over the windows before long!

This is one corner of our back patio. Eric is a pro at digging up the sod that he spent so much time and money laying down two years ago. I should have him teach me how to do it, but he's so good at it, that I think I'll just let that be his job. :)

The other side of the patio... notice the even spacing and symmetrical placement. :)

After! Love it! :)

Soon the two leafy plants on either side of the lily will be black-eyed susans. I have always wanted to grow them, and we found them at a nursery in Thompson's Station. I can't wait to see them bloom! :)

Kinda dark, but here is what the front garden looked like in early spring. Eric did an awesome job building up the garden and adding the wall. I love it! :)
If you click on the picture to make it bigger, you can see the tulips and daffodils! :) Also, you can see itty bitty green sprouts in front of the bushes. Those are calla lilies. Check out the picture below to see where they are today...

Ta da!! Those big bad callas multiply like crazy! We planted three in each spot last year, and I kid you not... we have at least a hundred of those guys this year! I have already cut out a few bags of bulbs to share with friends (and put in our back garden). If you want some, let me know! :) They are so hearty... they're sun and water lovers, so as long as you keep them moist, they will love the Tennessee (or Mississippi :) weather! :)

The End... for now. :)
(Next will be the "tree" post. :)


Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful! I am terrible at gardening. I can't keep anything alive!! Love all the updates to your blog. Nothing better than blog stalking on a rainy day!
jamie bilicki

Today's Fordcast - Sunny said...

Beautiful!!!!! We LOVE IT!!!!!

Nonna said...

Everything looks awesome! I love the new corner beds! Super job, J&E! :)