Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Reeeeally Green Thumb

So, here are some close-up pictures to show you where a lot of our time (and money) have gone in the past few weeks (the before and after shots will be in another post). Eric and I are bizarrely into gardening... we love it! Who would have thought that I really would have had fun all those years when my Mama asked me to help her in the garden?? :) Don't worry, Mama. Next time I'm in the Sip, we are gardening! :)
One more thing... after seeing how beautiful flowers can be, I have a very hard time understanding how people can't believe in God! I mean, seriously... no man could create these beautiful things! :)

First we have the Asiatic Lilies. LOVE these guys! I can't get enough of them! The yellow and orange ones are around our mailbox, and the pretty crimson ones are in the front garden. These are perennials, so we will get to enjoy them each spring! :) You can click on any of these pics to make them larger.

Up next: more lilies! The first is a day lily we got this past weekend... isn't it the coolest?! I woke up this morning, and it had opened! :) The middle pic is a day lily, as well. This is actually one of the things we kept from when the house was built. Thanks, Old South! :) ha The last is another variety of day lily that Granny gave to us. These are in the new little gardens behind the house.

Love me some tulips! These were around in the spring. I had so much fun watching them grow! I will definitely put some new bulbs down this fall.

We planted some rhododendrons in the back. They are spring bloomers, so this one bloom is the only one we got to enjoy this year. :( They are still very pretty, though! The leaves on them will be around for a while, but I'll have to wait for the flowers.

These cute things are Dahlias. They look all droopy until they finally bloom... and when they do, they are gorgeous!

This is a flower that is in a pot on our back patio. It is an African daisy (we are very culturally diverse :) and I love it! I don't have very much luck with daisies because of the heat, but this variety seems to do well! :)

Finally, we have some lantana. Love this stuff! It is also in a pot on the back patio... and I think there is one in the front garden, too.

I think I need to look for a support group. I'm addicted.

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Nonna said...

These are absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful pics of beautiful flowers...but where's the beautiful gardener?! :)