Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby Girl's First Christmas Tree

A couple of days ago I realized I hadn't gotten any pictures of Addie with the tree in her room.  Bad Mama. :(

So, we pretended it was still Christmas and took some today since we had the day off together.

 Naturally, she wanted to take everything off the tree... :)  
P.S. Who needs a tree skirt when you have cute, personalized blankets? :)

 Big girl in her chair by her first tree :)
I'm already looking forward to watching her grow in comparison to her tree each year!

 So sweet!

...aaaaand here's my new favorite picture of her!  I just LOVE this grin!

Seriously.  If you ever need a picture of her to brighten your day, just let me know!


Emily said...

so cute! she is a beautiful little girl! I love the pics with her and her first tree! absolutely precious

Kelly Grant said...

hehe...make Christmas last as long as you want!!