Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Addie's Party :)

On Saturday, we had Addie's first birthday party.  When we were planning, we went back and forth on who to invite... how many people we wanted to be there... we just couldn't leave anyone out, so we decided to go all out and invite everyone we wanted to invite.  Our families alone would be a lot of people, so also inviting our friends to come just made sense. We had a total of 77 people at her party, and it could not have gone better!  I loved every minute, and Addie will love looking at these pictures one day. :)

The theme was "Addie's Winter One-derland."  There were snowflakes everywhere... twinkle lights, balloons... so fun!  We also had stations for the kids (Addie's Art Center, Addie's Book Nook, and Addie's Toy Shop).  I still have the signs, so I need to take pictures of them... I was so glad to have a designated place for the kids to play. They had a blast!

 I had so much fun planning decorations!  I couldn't have done it without my Mama and Azlyn... they helped me a ton!  My favorite things were the snowflakes on the poles that displayed Addie's monthly pictures. :) On the tables, we also displayed pictures of Addie through the year.  I didn't get any pictures of the tables, but they were cute!  Everyone loved looking at the pictures and seeing how far Addie has come.

Here are some of our friends who made it to the party... I think we only missed getting pictures of a few people.  A lot of the guys were too busy watching the playoff game to take a picture for me. :)

Here are some shots of family and their guests (minus grandparents... their pics are below)... I think we got everyone, but I'm not sure.  I'll add more if I remember someone else who was there. :)

Here's the birthday girl sitting in her play area... obviously having a great time. :)  I just love that sweet smocked dress on her!  So adorable!

The progression during the "Happy Birthday" song... she loved it. :)

This is as much into the smash cake as she would get.  She didn't cry, but she wasn't really fond of the cake between her fingers.  She appears to be a bit "girly"... who would've thought?

Our family portrait interrupted by Addie trying to clean her fingers. :)

Shortly after this, Addie gave it up and fell sound asleep on Eric's shoulder.  She waved bye-bye to everyone as she rested... it was precious. :)

When she woke up, it was time for family pictures:

 Mama's family

 Daddy's Daddy's family

 Daddy's Mommy's family

 Grandmas :)

Grandparents :)  I love this one the most! :)

Here are two more that were actually taken before/during Addie's nap:
 Papa and Lucille... cute even though Addie is looking away and Eric is talking. :)

...with Granny and the quilt she made for Addie's doll cradle.  So special!
Addie really did like it when she woke up. :)

 Ladies and gentlemen, we have a scooter on our hands!  More about that in her 12 month post... that I'll get to as soon as I take her 12 month pictures.  Gees.  I have a busy weekend ahead of me!

 So sweet and innocent!  She would never pull frames and magazines off the shelves, right?

We love her.  That is all there is to it.

...this smile says it all!  It was a GREAT party!  Thanks to everyone who helped put it together... and a special thanks to everyone who took time out of their weekend to come celebrate with us!  It meant so much to have everyone there who has supported us through this year of ups and downs.  We couldn't be more thankful for each of you!

Our prayer is (and always has been) that God will bless all of you... near and far... for the love and support you've given us. :)


T said...

What a great party! So glad we could make it....sorry we had to sneak out a bit early! Addie has certainly blessed our family in this past year .....we look forward to many more to come! We love us some Jackson's!!!

Kelly Grant said...

Looks like a great party!!!!

Mary Beth said...

I just "happened" upon your blog and what a great birthday party theme! I also have an Addi and she will be one in March. She was not a preemie, but she did spend a month in the NICU when she was born.