Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mississippi Christmas 2010

This year, we were planning to drive to Mississippi, but one night a few weeks before, Eric got an email that showed a good deal on flights... he asked if I'd rather fly. Um, yes. :)  We used our sky miles for one flight and got the discounted flight which meant we got to fly for way less than gas would have cost!  Score!  Addie was a natural at flying.  When I woke her up at the crack of stupid that morning, she was in such a happy mood!  Thank the Lord!

 Here she is waiting to board... all we need are a few puffs, and we're good to go!

 Once we got to the Sip, it was time for lots of Nonna lovin!

 Opening presents...

...and laughing!  Addie got this doll from Daddy Bob that has the cutest laugh!  She loves it!

 So sweet!

 Learning to love cheese puffs! :)

 Being silly with Papa... so, I have to explain the hat.  The infant/kid sizes are too small for her, and obviously, the adult sizes are a little big.  Her sweet head is just in between right now. :)

 See what I mean?

 We spent a lot of time with Abbie  Alice in Wonderland. :)

 ...laughed and played with all of our presents...

 ...and loved her new ball pit!

Alice loved the ball pit, too! :)

 That Nonna is funny!

 Addie loves her new kitchen! :), and look who can pull up now!  Yikes!

 We got a chance to visit Maw Maw and Paw Paw, too! :)

...and cousins Robby and Stuart! :)  Addie loved them!

 She got fun gifts from Aunt Cindy and Uncle Hal, but somehow I missed getting pictures of them on my camera! :(

 We also celebrated all of the January birthdays in our family!  This picture is missing Robby and Paw Paw. :( I guess Addie wanted to be a part of the January birthday madness! :)

All-in-all, it was a great time in Mississippi! :)

...and how did Addie do on the flights back to Tennessee?

Perfectly. :)

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