Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy 1st birthday, Addie! :)

This will be a short post... I'm exhausted, but my heart is full.

My baby is 1... that, my friends, is just incredible.

Her party today was so much fun!  So far, we have remembered 77 people who came.  Man, she's loved. :)

I have a million pictures that I'll sort through tomorrow.  I can't wait to look at them and enjoy her day all over again.

I realize she'll never remember her first birthday party, but we couldn't help but have a celebration to mark the end of such a miraculous year and the beginning of a new, exciting one!  I can't wait until she's older so I can show her the pictures of her party and how much everyone loves being around her... how many lives she's touched in just her first year.

I held her and held her tonight as I put her to sleep, remembering how much I longed to hold her last year on this same night.  Praise you, Lord, for the gift of being her Mama.

I'm overjoyed.  Simply overjoyed. :)


Corrie, Joe, & Macie said...

Happy Birthday sweet Addie! I'm overjoyed for you Johnell-what a precious gift:)

Jenny said...

I am in such trouble next month when it is Carson's big day, considering I just boo hoo'd reading about Addy's. If there was ever a princess who deserved a birthday bash, it is your Addy. I pray this year is extremely normal for you all. (Well, with Cbug in your room @ school, normal is relative. :))