Monday, January 25, 2010

The Big Cousin :)

Not too many people were more excited about the birth of Addie than her big cousin, Abbie!  She has been excited since we told her Addie was coming... she has asked me questions about Addie, told me things that she wants to do with Addie, and even told me she would be the boss of Addie. :) ha! 

Of all of the sweet moments I've had with my niece, one of my all-time favorite moments with Abbie went something like this (we had this conversation about a week before Addie arrived):

Ab:  So, Baby Addie is still in your belly, Aunt Johnnie?
J: She is.  She's still growing and getting strong.
Ab: How is she going to come out of there?
J (Hmm...): Well, how do you think she'll get out of there?
Ab: Does she just come out of your mouth?
J (holding back tears/laughter): Well, not exactly.
Ab: Well, what happens?  Do the doctors get her out of there?
J: Yes!  I go to the hospital, and the doctors work to take her out of my belly.
Ab: Like out of a big hole?  Do they fix the hole back up?
J: They do.

:) One of the best moments ever.

Here is the Big Cousin on the day after Addie was born.  Love her. :)  I can't wait until the day she gets to meet Addie for the first time!


Rachel @ Moments With My Miracles said...

okay, that's hilarious. i love the wide eyed pic of addie too in the latest post.

Nonna said...

Ahhhh...yes! That Abbie is a thinker! Someday she's gonna love hearing about this conversation with her Aunt Johnnie! I know she already loves her teeny, tiny cousin bunches...but I just can't wait for my Abbie to hold my Addie! Now that will bring tears to my eyes! Thank you, God, for my two precious blessings! :)