Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Daddy's Little Girl

Me!  Me!  I'm Daddy's Little Girl! :)

See?  I'm already wrapping him around my finger. :)

I just lay here and look cute, and Daddy just falls more in love with me every day!

He even poses with my pink blankie!
That Daddy... What a guy!  I'm so glad he's mine!


JB said...

Love all the updates! Keep the precious picturs coming. :)

JB said...

umm, excuse me, that should say "precious pictures."

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that she already has me wrapped around her little finger. I tear up everytime I write about her. The love I feel for that little girl is a love that I have never experienced before. I now not only found the love of my life in Johnell, we now have a child that we love unconditionally. We now have started our perfect little family and we couldn't be happier!!

Nonna said...

A daddy is a girl's first love...and your precious Addie is truly blessed to have such a wonderful, loving daddy! So...if she has him wrapped around her little finger...I think that's perfect! :)