Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sweet Stories

I had to make myself type this tonight before I forget... these are moments I don't want to forget, and ones that I want to share with Addie one day...

The day we found out we were having a girl, Abbie called to find out what we were having. Here is how our conversation went:

Ab: Aunt Johnnie, what's your baby?
J: It's a girl!
Ab: Oh! I LOVE girls!!
J: Me too! You can have so much fun playing dress up with her one day!
Ab: Yeah, we can! But she can't wear my clothes.
J: Oh, okay.
Ab: My clothes would be too big for her. We will have to get her some tiny clothes.
J: Good idea! She would love that!
Ab: You know what? If she cries, I could get her her paci.
J: That would be great! That would make her feel better!
Ab: It would. And you know what else? I could tickle her, and she would just laugh and laugh! That would be funny.
J (holding back my laughter and hormonal tears of joy): I bet she would love for you to tickle her and make her laugh!
Ab: Okay, I'm done talking. Bye bye!

The next morning, my mom called to talk to her on her way to school. It's usually a good time to chat with her since there aren't too many distractions. :) I don't know the exact story, but Trae (my brother) told my mom that Ab had been talking about the baby and this is one conversation he and Abbie had:

Ab: Daddy, you know the baby is going to be teeny-tiny.
Trae: Oh really?
Ab: Yeah, but not teeny-tiny like a bird. Not that teeny-tiny.
Trae: Oh, okay.

I love that she explained it to Trae... making it much easier for him to understand. :)

One more: when we were leaving church the Sunday after Christmas, we were on our way back to my Mom and Dad's house. Amber, Abbie, and I went to get the car, and Ab began asking when we were going to get our stockings at my Mom's house. Amber explained that we would have to ask Nonna (my mom).

Amber: Nonna is in charge of the stockings. We can ask her.
Ab: So she's the boss of the stockings?
Amber: She is.
Ab: Like you and Daddy are the boss of me? And Aunt Johnnie and Uncle Eric are the boss of me... sometimes?
Amber: Right.
...after a little thinking, Ab: Well, I'm gonna be the boss of baby Addie.

We shall see how that one goes. :)

That's all for now. Like I said, I just wanted to have these in my blog so I can show Addie how much her cousin thought of her and loved her before she was born. Abbie talked to Addie a few times when we were home for Christmas... each moment melted my hormonal heart. :) She was so excited that Addie could hear her voice!

Ah... I can't wait to see them grow up together! What a blessing!


Kyla said...

Too sweet!

Nonna said...

Our precious Abbie just always says the sweetest, most precious things! These are perfect examples...and I know there are many, many more to come! Then...before we know it, we'll have sweet Addie stories, too!
What blessings indeed! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi!! We love your blog and seeing sweet pictures of Addie. She is precious! I am at work and using the computer so I could send a comment! Miss seeing you. Lord bless! Happy Anniversary!
Love, The Green's (Joe, Amy, Jade, Julia, Joy, and little Johannah)